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( Aug. 31st, 2017 02:26 pm)

"I'm not good. Not bad. But I sure as hell ain't ugly." 

Name: Jesse McCree

Canon: Overwatch

Canon Point: Just after the Recall. I play him under the assumption that he joins back up, but I'm equally comfortable playing him from other points in the canon timeline (including his Blackwatch days) or in AU settings.


Gender: Male

Orientation: There's no Word of God on this, but this McCree is bisexual.

Wiki: Source 1, Source 2

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( Aug. 30th, 2017 12:11 am)

This McCree is bisexual, but the mun has a preference for him in M/M relationships. If you have questions or are interested in playing out a ship that isn't on the list, just PM me!

For all romantic relationships, characters must be 20+. This is non-negotiable.

Favorite Romantic Ships:

McCree/Hanzo: My favorite ship for Jesse. I'll play this ship at any point in the timeline and at any point in their relationship. Gimme all the McHanzo.

I love these two together! Equally fond of them being together in Blackwatch or after the Recall. Also have a soft spot for AUs where they meet before Genji is attacked by Hanzo. Playboy!Genji meets Bodyguard!McCree, perhaps? Just like McHanzo though, gimme any and all of the McGenji. 

Though I will ship these two during their BW days, I don't ship this with teenage McCree. Even with a McCree in his early 20's, I'm equally as fond of them having a father/son relationship or even just an unrequited crush on Jesse's part. My main concern with playing this ship out during that point in the timeline is that it's not a predatory relationship with regards to their age difference. This is much less of a concern at the "current" point in the timeline post-Recall when they're both fully grown adults with their own places in the world. 

Other Relationships:

Sombra: I think these two would actually get along really well and be friends, if they can get around the whole "enemy factions" thing.

Solider: 76: I headcanon Jesse as having mixed emotions about Morrison after the fall of Overwatch. He doesn't hate Solider for that, but he might be gruff and a little snarkier than what's warranted.

Pharah: Headcanon them with a sibling-like relationship. They probably got up to plenty of hijinks when they were younger.

Ana: Jesse respects and fears her in pretty much equal measure. Headcanon her as having been a mother-figure back in his BW days.

If there's a character not on this list, or if you have a different headcanon for any of the above relationships, that's perfectly fine with me! Please don't be afraid to tag anyway. I'm very flexible and still working out the details of playing McCree myself. Not married to any particular headcanon enough to where I'm unwilling to try new things.

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( Aug. 30th, 2017 12:03 am)

Name: Saru

Age: 28

Preferred Contact: PM or Plurk. Feel free to add me as a friend, just please let me know who you are first!

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( Aug. 29th, 2017 11:49 pm)

Any and all feedback is welcome.
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( Aug. 29th, 2017 11:12 pm)


Backtagging: Absolutely! I'm in a weird time zone, so it's likely I won't be awake and active when you are. On top of that, I tend towards slower replies. I will backtag to the end of time.

Thread-hopping: Depends. Discuss first.

Fourthwalling: See above.


Hugging this character:
It'd be fine more often than not! He's not shy about personal space.
Kissing this character: Depends on the situation, but he probably won't object too much.
Flirting with this character: Absolutely fine, but be careful. He can give it good as he can take it.
Fighting with this character: See above.
Injuring this character: Probably fine, but please ask if it's something extreme.
Killing this character: Not okay.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: A-OK! He has no special psychic defenses.


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